Timeline for changes to City government

We outline the steps for implementing our new government structure.
November 2, 2021


On Election Day, City Question 1 - Government Structure was approved by voters.

Yes 74,037 52.41%
No 67,228 47.59%

The ballot question needed at least 51% Yes votes in order to pass.

November 12, 2021


The City Canvassing Board must certify the election results to make them official.

  • The City Council serves as the City Canvassing Board.
  • The board will meet on Nov. 12 at 10 a.m. to certify the results.

See the upcoming meeting

December 3, 2021


Charter Amendment No. 184 - Government Structure becomes legally effective.

January 3, 2022

New terms begin

The newly-elected Mayor and Council Members will be sworn into office.

  • The Mayor begins four-year term (2022-2025).
  • All Council Members begin two-year terms due to redistricting (2022-2023).
January 10, 2022

Inauguration and organizational meeting

We inaugurate newly-elected officials at a public ceremony.

City Council holds an organizational meeting to:

  • Elect leadership 
  • Define new committees
  • Assign committee chairs and vice-chairs