City government structure

We show how the City is organized under the Government Structure Charter Amendment.

Executive Mayor

In this new form of City government, the Mayor is the chief executive officer.

  • All City departments report to the Mayor.
  • The City Coordinator and other Charter Department heads become part of the Mayor’s Executive Team.
  • Management departments report to the City Coordinator.

Legislative Council

The City Council is the legislative body; its roles is to:

  • Adopt local laws, make policy, and oversee programs
  • Approve appointments of Charter Department heads
  • Authorize the budget

City organization chart

This chart is effective starting Dec. 3 2021. Government structure is subject to amendment by policymakers.

This chart shows how the City's departments report to the Mayor.  City Council has a legislative role and is supported by Council Aides, the City Clerk's Office, City Auditor, and Boards & Commissions.

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