Critical parking permits

If you live or have a business in a critical parking area, you can apply for a critical parking permit. This permit will give you more access where there's limited street parking.

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How critical parking permits work

You can apply for a critical parking permit if you

  • Have a driver's license 
  • Live in the critical parking area
  • Have a business in the critical parking area
To see if your residence or business is in the area, check the critical parking area map.

When and where you can use permits

  • On the streets
  • During the times listed on signs
  • In the relevant critical parking area

You can use the permit for motorcycles, but it's illegal to use them for

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Taxis or cabs
  • Buses
  • Recreational vehicles

You must still follow

Visitor and service permits

Visitor and service permit restrictions

Area restrictions

If you live in a critical parking area, you can buy permits for visitors or service personnel except in areas 7,9 and 10. You also cannot purchase permits in areas with schools and fraternities.

Purchase limits

Residents are limited to 1 visitor permit and 1 service permit, but qualified residents can also purchase temporary permits for anywhere from one to 30 days. Different critical parking areas have different rules, so check with Parking Services to see what's available in your area.


Businesses may not buy visitor or service permits.

Call Parking Services

Visitor and service permit rules 

  • Permits must be assigned to a specific vehicle. To use a permit for a different vehicle, update the information by:
  • You may not resell permits.
  • You cannot use visitor or service permits for your or another resident's vehicle.
  • Visitor and service permits are optional, but vehicles without permits must follow posted parking restrictions.

You can buy visitor and service permits even if you don’t buy a permit for yourself

People often have off-street parking for themselves but need street parking for guests.

Permit fees and quantities

Permit TypeFeeValid For
New or renewal $25 1 calendar year
Visitor $10 1 calendar year
Service $10 1 calendar year
Temporary (2-30 days) $5 2 to 30 days
Temporary (1 day) $2 1 day

An additional $10 setup fee applies during the first year of a critical parking area.

To buy any of these permits, visit the critical parking permitting site 

The site accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. For information on paying by cash or check, please see the critical parking permit application.

Number of permits allowed

  • Critical parking permits: 2 per licensed resident or business owner
  • Visitor permit: per residence
  • Service permit: 1 per residence

Critical parking area designation

We'll consider establishing a critical parking area if

  • The area has high traffic with regular visitors to businesses and facilities 
  • There's not enough street parking near residents' homes
  • There's a lot of vehicle noise, pollution and congestion
  • The designation would improve resident safety and well-being and create a more attractive, livable neighborhood

For more information, see Minneapolis Ordinance (Title 18, Chapter 478)

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