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Zoning District Descriptions

A zoning district may be either a primary district or an overlay district. The current districts are outlined briefly below. For more information on the definitions and requirements associated with each district, see Minneapolis Code of Ordinance, Title 20: Zoning Code.

Primary Zoning Districts

A primary district is any of several residence, office residence, commercial, downtown, or industrial districts. All property within the city is included within a primary zoning district. In the municipal code, these districts are described in chapters 546-550.

Residence Districts

Office Residence Districts

Commercial Districts

Downtown Districts

Industrial Districts

Overlay Zoning Districts

An overlay district is any of several additional districts established by the zoning regulations that may be more or less restrictive than the primary zoning district. Where a property is located within an overlay district, it is subject to the provisions of both the primary zoning district and the overlay district. Where the provisions are in conflict, the overlay district governs. In the city's municipal code, these districts are described in Chapter 551.

Last updated Oct 4, 2013