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Zoning Administration

The primary function of Zoning Administration in the city is to enforce the regulations of the city’s Zoning Code. This includes providing information on zoning regulations, reviewing documents and plans for compliance, and assisting applicants with requests for land use reviews such as variances and rezonings.

The Minneapolis Zoning Code is a primary tool used to implement the policies of the citys Comprehensive Plan in a manner that protects the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of Minneapolis. Generally speaking, zoning is the division of a jurisdiction by legislative regulations into areas (zones), specifying the uses allowable for the property in these areas and limitations on these uses. Every property within the city has an established zoning district classification that appears on the zoning map.

The City's zoning code is contained in Title 20 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances. It consists of zoning regulations and a zoning map. The zoning regulations govern the administration of the ordinance and specify the uses allowed and development standards for each zoning district.

A full and updated version of the zoning ordinance can be found online here – click on "Title 20" under the table of contents. The zoning map is available on this website, and shows the location of each zoning district.


Full text of zoning code (Municode site)
Land Use and Zoning Overview (pdf)

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