Digital Inclusion in Minneapolis

IT Mobile Solution Diagram

Wireless Minneapolis in Action

Going Mobile!

A new mobile wireless solution was unveiled in 2012 for mobile workers. IT and Public Works Radio Shop staff are rolling out the new system which uses USIW WiFi with Verizon cellular service as a backup.

The new solution provides:

Public Safety Recent Installations:

Mobile Camera

Future uses of the Wireless network

Increasing use of wireless services by the City workforce will enable greater work process flexibility and increased effectiveness. Additional usage leverages the City’s financial commitment while reducing overall operational costs. The City’s anchor tenant philosophy has extended the availability of wireless services to residents and their businesses throughout the City and has kept downward pressure on industry communications broadband pricing—some 13 percent of City households use Wireless Minneapolis for their wireless communications.


Ongoing Wireless Usage


Wireless Minneapolis Usage

City Usage (City Government) - October 2010 to June 2013City USIW Usage Line Chart

 USIW Residential Customers


USIW Subscription Use




Last updated Jul 1, 2013