Digital Inclusion in Minneapolis

Wireless Minneapolis history

Beginning in 2004, a team of City technology experts worked with tech-savvy representatives from business, education, nonprofits, and the community in general to examine how other cities are approaching wireless issues and to determine Minneapolis City government’s business needs, costs, funding options, trends and technology. Through that process and stakeholder input, the City determined that a public-private partnership was the most cost-effective and serviceable approach.

The City began an extensive RFP process and evaluated the proposals submitted with input from community, business and resident stakeholders and government partners. More than 90 vendors expressed interest, 20 vendors registered for prime contractor status, and nine vendors submitted proposals. Through that process two vendors were identified as finalists. US Internet was selected as the final vendor after a testing period where each vendor’s construction approach and service delivery was evaluated.

Here are archived reports and other materials developed during this process.

Wireless Minneapolis Business Case (pdf)

Staff request (pdf) for City Council action to approve US Internet as the Wireless Minneapolis vendor

Term sheet (pdf) with US Internet

Last updated Jan 3, 2012