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Cable Service FAQ

Cable Television Service FAQ


Q: What company is the service provider for cable television in Minneapolis?

A: Comcast Cable provides cable television in the City of Minneapolis.

Q: How do I find my channel listing for my cable television service?

A: Click here and enter your address.

Q: What do I do if my cable service does not work properly or I have a specific complaint to register?

A: If you have questions or concerns about cable television services in Minneapolis first call Comcast Cable at 612-522-2000. If your concern is not resolved by dealing directly with the cable company you may fill out a complaint form on line or call this office at (612) 673-2234 to register a complaint.

Q: Why has Comcast been granted a cable franchise in Minneapolis and can other cable providers also operate in the City of Minneapolis?

A: Comcast now holds a non-exclusive franchise which covers the entire area of Minneapolis. Should other cable television providers wish to offer services in Minneapolis, the City of Minneapolis is open and willing to negotiate franchise agreements with these providers.

Q: Does the City of Minneapolis regulate cable television?

A: Yes, the City requires a franchise agreement to be in place prior to a company offering cable television services to the public within Minneapolis.

Q. My cable bill keeps increasing, how are cable rates regulated?

A: The Telecommunications Act of 1996 passed by the U. S. Congress, deregulated the cable industry with the intent of encouraging competition in the cable, telephone and internet arenas. As a result, all cable services, except basic cable, are exempt from regulation. Franchising Authorities only review any basic cable rate increases, but that review only serves to verify the information submitted to the federal government to substantiate the increase.

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