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Cable Franchises
Cable televison franchises located in Minneapolis


Comcast logo

Comcast holds a non-exclusive franchise in Minneapolis.

Comcast Cable Franchise Agreement
Comcast payment locations
Comcast “Services and Pricing List” – effective January 2015
Comcast channel line-up – effective January 2015
Comcast website

Comcast customer service: 612-522-2000.


CenturyLink logo

CenturyLink holds a non-exclusive franchise in Minneapolis.  

CenturyLink began offering cable TV service in May 2015 in Minneapolis. Century Link’s initial build-out commitment is 15 percent of the city over the first two years with a requirement to provide PrismTV (cable TV) to households in every Minneapolis ward. As outlined in the franchise agreement, Century Link aspires to provide cable service to all Minneapolis households within the term of the franchise, which is five years.

Check for Century Link cable TV service in your area by clicking here.

CenturyLink Cable Franchise Agreement
CenturyLink payment locations

CenturyLink "Services and Pricing List" - effective January 2016
CenturyLink Prism TV plans – effective May 2015
CenturyLink channel line-up – effective May 2015
CenturyLink website

CenturyLink customer service: 877-299-0946.


Last updated Jan 11, 2017