Green Jobs

Green jobs produce goods or provide services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources. Green jobs are also responsible for making a business’ production processes more environmentally friendly and energy/resource efficient. Our growing green economy provides opportunities for workers with a wide range of skills in areas such as:

The City is playing an active role in supporting local green businesses and growing green jobs through our environmental procurement and green building policies, workforce training activities, energy efficiency financing programs, and business-to-business networking efforts.


  1. Achieve a net gain of 25 green manufacturing or service companies in Minneapolis by 2015 using 2011 as a baseline.
  2. Achieve 30 percent growth in green jobs in Minneapolis by 2015 using 2010 as a baseline.
  3. Create 30 jobs through building retrofit efforts by 2015, including City energy efficiency financing, Community Energy Services and related programs using 2011 as a baseline.

Recent City & Community Activities

Last updated Apr 23, 2013