Lyndale Walking School BusMinneapolis sustainability indicators measure community progress towards environmental, economic and social sustainability. Through these indicators, we better understand the state of our community, and what needs to be done to preserve and expand our quality of life for future generations.

The City Council has approved 10-year targets for each indicator in order to set a numerical goal and provide focus to what is being measured. The indicators and targets were last updated by the Council on January 27, 2012. Browse the menu above to read about each indicator and view the targets, data, and analysis that help us measure our progress.

Starting in 2012, the City has begun tracking progress on sustainability indicators through this website, rather than printing a full annual report. This new web-oriented approach will help staff to keep data and analysis up-to-date; allow for interactive graphs, charts, and visual aids; and save resources associated with printing and distributing a traditional report. We welcome feedback on this new format and approach.

A printable executive summary (pdf) of the 2012 Sustainability Indicators update is now available as well. 

Last updated Jun 23, 2014