Access to Healthy Food

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All residents live within a quarter (1/4) mile of a healthy food choice.1

Trend Analysis

The interactive map above shows approximate locations of healthy food outlets in Minneapolis (as well as major grocery stores within a mile of the city), based on data from 2012 and 2013. Clicking on an icon provides information on that healthy food outlet.

Approximately 65 percent of Minneapolis residents live within a quarter mile of a grocery store, enhanced corner store, farmers market, or food-producing community garden. About 90 percent of Minneapolitans live within a half mile of these food outlets.2

1 Healthy food choice is defined as a full service grocery store, enhanced corner store (exceeding City ordinance requirements for fruits and vegetables), farmers market or food-producing community garden.
2 Figures based on 2010 Dicennial Census block-level population counts and 2012-2013 food outlet data.

Last updated Mar 15, 2013