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Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council

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The Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council envisions a vibrant local food system that enhances the health of all residents, protects the earth, increases economic vitality, expands social connectedness, and improves food security.

Statement of Mission

To continue to advance Homegrown Minneapolis, the Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council works to support all Minneapolis residents and increase access to quality food, address hunger and food insecurity, connect sectors of the food system, influence policy and decision making, and ensure an environmentally sustainable and socially just food system. To accomplish this, the food council:

  1. fosters City-community partnerships;
  2. convenes and engages diverse stakeholders to identify and propose innovative solutions to improve the local food system;
  3. provides ongoing guidance to the City on local food issues; and
  4. serves as a platform for collaborative, coordinated action.

Want to learn more about the Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council? Visit the group's page in the City's Boards & Commissions directory, or view the 2013 member list.


2013 Food Council Open House

In December 2013 the Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council hosted a community open house at The Walker Art Center. The event was attended by 300 local residents who discussed their ideas on activities of the Food Council and honored the Homegrown Minneapolis Heroes.

Minneapolis Food Council 2014 Meeting Materials

Agendas, minutes, and other meeting materials are provided in PDF format.

Food Council Resources

Food Council Bylaws:

See more information on Food Council applications.

Past Food Council Meeting Materials

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