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Why shop at a Farmers Market?

Map of Minneapolis Farmers Markets

Minnesota Grown directory of markets, co-ops, food outlets

Farmers Markets accepting EBT- current list 

(includes Minneapolis and statewide markets- nearly all Minneapolis markets will be accepting EBT in 2014)

EBT at Farmers Markets - A Report from IATP (7/10)

Minnesota Farmers Market Association

2012 City-Market Managers Meeting and Fee Fact Sheet (2/27/2012)

Guide to Hosting a Minneapolis Mini-Market (pdf)

Mini-market regulations regarding size and scope:

201.40. Mini market requirements.
The holder of a mini market license issued pursuant to this chapter shall comply with the following requirements:
(1)   Mini markets may contain a maximum of five (5) vendors. At least one (1) vendor must be an agricultural producer.
(2)   Mini markets may contain a maximum of one (1) food market distributor of only fresh fruits and vegetables, and only when those foods are not in season and not available at the market from agricultural producers, and a maximum of one (1) home processor selling foods intended for off-site consumption including pickles, jams, jellies, breads, etc.
(3)   Mini markets may not contain market vendors of the following types:
a.       Food market manufacturers.
b.      Vendors of foods intended for immediate consumption.
c.       Craft producers.
d.      Vendors of services.
e.       Plant vendors.



Last updated Aug 8, 2014