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About Homegrown Minneapolis

Homegrown Minneapolis is a citywide initiative expanding our community’s ability to grow, process, distribute, eat and compost more healthy, sustainable, locally grown foods.

Homegrown Minneapolis brings together key partners from local government, area businesses, community organizations, non-profits, and residents to build a healthy, local food system.

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Featured organization in First Annual Good Food Org Guide by the James Beard Foundation and Food Tank

How City Departments Connect with Food System Work



Mayor- Sets the vision for the City of Minneapolis
- Appoints department heads
- Develops each year’s proposed budget
City Council- Adopts laws including those related to licenses, regulations, and land use
- Plays a role in overseeing City departments
- Sets the final annual budget
Health Department- Partners to administer programs including the Urban Agriculture Policy Plan, Local Food Resource Hubs, EBT at farmers markets, Healthy Corner Store Program, Staple Foods Ordinance, and Mini Markets Policy
- Oversees City staff regulating food safety and environmental health
Community Planning & Economic Development (CPED)- Housing: Owns many parcels of land, including some used for community gardens
- Licensing: Regulates all food-related licenses, including restaurants and farmers markets
- Planning, Zoning, and Development Review: Develops long-term plans for City land use. Helps the City Council make necessary changes to the zoning code. Enforces zoning code violations in response to citizen complaints.
- Business Assistance: Offers business loans and technical assistance.
Homegrown Business Development Center: Specifically targeted to helping small food entrepreneurs.
Sustainability- Infuses sustainable practices into the City as an enterprise
- Oversees development of City Sustainability Indicators and targets, including Local Food indicators.
- Department home of Homegrown Minneapolis staff, facilitating food system efforts across City departments and throughout the community.
Public Works- Manages the City right-of-way, including boulevards and certain small parcels of land
- Controls hydrants, some of which are used as a water source for urban agriculture
Solid Waste and Recycling: Offers compost to community gardens. Operates two pilot source-separated organics collection and composting programs. Tasked with meeting Hennepin County’s goals for residential source-separated organics collection.

Homegrown Minneapolis is about creating a local, healthy, and sustainable food supply that will positively impact the City and region’s:

Last updated Apr 11, 2016