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Raising Chickens in Minneapolis

Chickens are versatile – they lay high-quality eggs, feast on unwanted pests, and before you know it, can become beloved members of the family.

How the City of Minneapolis Supports Raising Chickens

The Minneapolis City Council in partnership with the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control Department has made it easier and safer than ever to keep chickens and other eligible fowl in the City of Minneapolis.
The City allows residents to apply for a permit to keep backyard chickens on their property. Before applying for a permit, please read the full ordinance language. The complete list of rules and regulations are located in the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances, (Title 4, Chapter 70, Section 70.10). A summary is available in the link below.

For further information or to apply for a permit, please contact Ann Thelen at Minneapolis Animal Care and Control:
Phone: 612-673-6258

Additional Resources

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Last updated May 24, 2016