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For Urban Farmers


Urban farming contributes to our city’s food security and food safety in two ways:

1) It increases the total amount of food available to people living in cities, and

2) It allows fresh, high quality vegetables, fruits, and other food products to be grown and produced

for urban customers

Explore the resources below to learn more about programs and grants for urban farmers that can provide financial and technical assistance.

Hydrant Water Permits for Community Gardens and Urban Farms

The Water Works Permit Office issues garden water permits to community gardens and urban farmers to access a specific fire hydrant for their garden/farm when there is no other water option available. The person must have legal documentation from owner giving permission to use land. These permits are issued seasonally, the water usage is metered and paid for during the

growing season. For further questions please call (612) 673-2865 or write to:

Urban Farming Financing

Education and Marketing

Last updated Apr. 2, 2014