Leading By Example: Government Policies 

Every day, Minneapolis provides services that help protect our waterways and the environment. Some, like street sweeping, which keeps leaves and debris from clogging our storm drains and polluting our lakes and rivers, we have been doing for decades. Others, like solar panels on the roofs of city buildings, are examples of the City walking its talk and taking responsibility for the impact of its own operations, just as we encourage our businesses and citizens to do. Still other services include working with the community to assist and encourage the growing number of leaders who are taking initiative in their own homes, schools, businesses, places of worship, and neighborhoods.

Green Policies 

The City of Minneapolis is continuing to move towards more sustainable practices daily by creating and adopting new policies that work to improve the life of residents and city employees, as well as advance overall environmental quality.

Environmental Purchasing Policy

Green Zones Policy

Indoor Temperature Policy

LEED Building Policy

Low Environmental Impact Cleaning Policy

Minneapolis Pollinator Resolution

Green Fleets Policy (pdf)

Vegetation Management Policy (pdf)

Last updated Jul 20, 2016