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Minnesota has abundant solar energy. In fact, Minneapolis and Saint Paul were named "Solar America Cities" by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in 2008. Solar energy is key to reaching the Minneapolis Climate Action Plan goal of sourcing 10% of our total electricity from local and directly purchased renewables by 2025.

Solar power comes in two forms:

As a member of the Clean Energy Partnership, the City of Minneapolis is committed to increasing solar opportunities for the community. Learn more about these resources below: 

Rooftop Solar
Solar Potential On Your Property

The City of Minneapolis has built the Find My Solar Suitability application, which allows you to find the potential for solar PV on any structure in the city. 

Information on solar radiation, shading, roof slope and roof size was used to analyze all structures, and provide an estimate of the maximum size and output of a solar energy system.  More information about the Find My Solar Suitability application.

Solar On-site Financial Incentives
Solar Installers & Permitting

The Minnesota Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) manages the Clean Energy Project Builder, a database that allows you to search for solar installers in your area.

The City of Minneapolis has a special permitting process for residential solar electric systems: be sure to use the permit applicant checklist to make the process quick and easy.

The State of Minnesota provides a Solar Business Directory which includes installers, financial consultants, and other businesses involved in the solar industry in Minnesota.

Community Solar

Community Solar Gardens are centrally-located solar photovoltaic (PV) systems that provide electricity to participating subscribers. Solar PV panels are installed in sunny locations to produce renewable electricity. Individual entities can subscribe to enough solar to cover up to 120% of their annual electricity usage. Each subscriber’s utility bill is credited with the electricity created by their share of the solar garden.

To learn more about subscriber resources and frequently asked questions about Community Solar visit the CERTs website or Xcel Energy’s Solar*Rewards Community page.

Additional Resources
For more information about solar and other renewable energy sources, start with these helpful websites:



Last updated Mar 25, 2016