Buildings & Energy
Minneapolis is a leader in building energy efficiency. The American Council for Energy Efficiency ranks Minneapolis 7th in the nation for policies and programs advancing energy efficiency. Minneapolis also ranks in the top 10 cities in the nation for LEED-certified buildings.

Energy use from commercial and residential buildings (primarily from heating and cooling) was the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Minneapolis in 2010, representing 65% of the total. Minneapolis can achieve the emissions reductions goals established in the Climate Action Plan by making buildings more efficient and increasing solar and wind power. Key initiatives and policies related to buildings and energy are listed below:

Clean Energy Partnership (CEP)

The City of Minneapolis is part of a first-of-its-kind agreement between Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy in support of the City’s Climate Action Plan and 2040 Energy Vision. The Clean Energy Partnership will plan, implement, market and track new approaches to delivering energy efficiency, energy choices, and renewable energy to Minneapolis residents and businesses. The Partnership includes an Energy Vision and Advisory Committee (EVAC), which will review and provide feedback on the work plan and measurement and performance reports; give feedback on special initiatives as requested by the Board; and, communicate to members’ respective constituencies about EVAC and Board decisions and activities. 

Commercial Benchmarking and Transparency

In February of 2013, the Minneapolis City Council adopted ordinance 47.190 requiring commercial buildings 50,000 square feet and over and city-owned buildings 25,000 square feet and over to annually benchmark their energy consumption and report this information to the City. The Commercial Benchmarking Ordinance will allow building owners and the City to track energy and water usage year to year to determine opportunities for improvement, recognize high performers, and determine progress towards the City's Climate Action Plan goals.

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Last updated Mar 28, 2016