Minneapolis Sustainability

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Local Food Policy

The City of Minneapolis has taken deliberative action to improve and support the complex network of people, facilities, and processes that make up the local food system.

The City’s Role

Though city government neither grows, processes, nor distributes food, its policies and regulations can foster (or inhibit) a hospitable environment for these activities within, and surrounding, its city limits. The City of Minneapolis can create the environment needed to sustain a strong local food system by setting citywide policies and regulations, especially in the areas of land use, zoning, and food safety. In addition, the City of Minneapolis can direct financial and human resources; convene stakeholders; and coordinate local foods efforts and information -- all of which can greatly impact residents’ and businesses’ abilities to grow, sell, distribute, and consume healthy, local food.

The Homegrown Minneapolis initiative begins to address these dynamics and the specific role of the City in growing the local food system.

City Policies and Programs

Last updated Aug 14, 2012