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2007 Climate Change Grants

In 2007, in order to help combat the harmful effects carbon dioxide and slow the pace of climate change, the City of Minneapolis became the first city in the country to provide 25 Climate Change Grants. Neighborhood, business and faith-based associations, non-profit organizations, libraries, park and recreational centers, and other public entities that serve Minneapolis residents and businesses were eligible to apply for the grants.

Xcel Energy provided 1,360 free compact fluorescent lights, and the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) assisted the grantees in promoting the Energy Challenge and providing other technical assistance.

All grantees were required to promote the Minnesota Energy Challenge – an interactive website to calculate an individual’s carbon dioxide footprint and commit to making positive changes.

There were two different types of grants:

Climate Change Micro Grants:
Twenty groups received grants up to $1,000 each to move residents to take immediate actions to reduce their clime change footprint and sign folks up for the Minnesota Energy Challenge. The application was relatively short and easy to fill out.

Climate Change Innovations Grants:
Five non-profit groups received up to $10,000 each to focus on meaningful measurable climate change actions targeting residents and businesses.

2007 Climate Change Grant Overview (pdf)

Last updated Dec 23, 2011