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2008 Minneapolis Climate Change Grants

Based on the success of the 2007 Minneapolis Climate Change Grants ( 2007 Grants Information). In 2008, the city awarded, once again, Climate Change Grants to twenty-five recipients. The grants reaffirmed the idea residents in Minneapolis are willing to reduce energy use and embrace new environmentally-friendly lifestyle choices, especially when they see their neighbors are similarly invested. Local businesses and non residential property owners are motivated to saved money, save energy and be good stewards of the earth.

In many cases, the actions of others inspired by the Climate Change Grants serve to bring the community together, while helping to stop global warming. The Center for Energy and Environment was critical partner in providing technical assistance and outreach for the program, while Xcel Energy provided free compact florescent lights.

All grantees were required to promote the Minnesota Energy Challenge – an interactive website to calculate an individual’s carbon dioxide footprint and commit to making positive changes.

For an overview of the 2008 grants: 2008 Climate Change Grant Overview (pdf)

For general information the Minneapolis Climate Change Grants including 2007 and 2009 information visit Minneapolis Climate Change Grants.

Last updated Dec 23, 2011