Mapping the Minneapolis Urban Canopy

MplsUrbanTreeCanopyMap-1The University of Minnesota Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis Laboratory recently completed a study for the City of Minneapolis to quantify the urban tree canopy. This study was completed by the University of Minnesota and funded by a grant from the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund. The study estimates the amount of tree canopy currently present, as well the amount of canopy that could potentially be established. Information from this study will be used as the basis for many ongoing efforts related to trees.

Mapping the Minneapolis Urban Tree Canopy (pdf)

Key Findings 

• Minneapolis trees are an important asset of the City, providing many environmental, socio-economic and aesthetic benefits

• The overall tree canopy cover of the City in 2009 was 11,569 acres or 31.5%

• Neighborhood analysis utilizing the Existing and Possible Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) summaries can be used to help target tree canopy improvement and preservation activities. Parcels with low Existing UTC and high Possible UTC within neighborhoods can be selected within the parcel database and be examined in more detail.

• Most of the land suitable for expanding tree canopy is on residential properties.

Explore the Map 

View a map of the tree canopy study results, including tree canopy coverage by neighborhood and parcel. Zooming in will show tree canopy coverage on individual parcels. You can view the map legend by clicking on the "Show Map Legend" button just under the "Details" button in the upper left corner of the screen.

How to navigate the map using mouse/key strokes:

Last updated May 10, 2016