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Yard Waste Collection

Yard waste collection will begin April 11, 2016. If you have yard waste that you would like to get rid of before collection begins, call Solid Waste & Recycling at 612-673-2917 and our Customer Service Representatives will provide you with locations that accept yard waste.

With the start of our 2012 Yard Waste season, Minneapolis Solid Waste and Recycling banned the collection of plastic yard waste bags as required by Minnesota Statute 115A.931(c). In accordance with state law and City policy, residents who bag their yard waste must put the yard waste out for pickup in compostable plastic bags, Kraft paper bags (no conventional plastic bags), or reusable containers that are approximately 33 gallons in size, no less than 26 inches in height, and have sturdy handles. See below for more information.

All other collection requirements will stay the same:

Why the Ban on Plastic Yard Waste Bags?

Where can I purchase compostable bags?

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What are the alternatives to using compostable bags?

What kind of reusable container is acceptable?

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Collection Time - Starts at 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on your collection day.
You may notice that your yard waste is picked up at about the same time every week. Please understand that changes in weather conditions, crew assignment, and equipment problems can create your pickup to be earlier or later on your collection day. Yard waste must be out for pickup by 6:00 a.m.

Sorry, but we will not come back if your yard waste was not out on time. Yard waste bags can become a problem when left at your curb or alley line as they can easily get torn open. If you missed your yard waste collection, then put the bags/bundles back in your yard or garage, and put them out on your next yard waste collection day.

Holiday Schedule
If your collection day falls on or after a holiday, yard waste collection will be one day later than normal. See the Holiday Schedule for more information.

Report Illegal Dumping or Abuse of Yard Waste Service - Call 311.
Yard Waste collection is a special service to our paying customers only. Taking or using another resident's collection point is illegal. City Ordinance 225.10 states in part: "No person shall leave, throw, or deposit, or use or permit any other person to leave, place, throw, or deposit, any substances or materials of any kind at a city solid waste collection point for city disposal when the substances or materials were generated at a location other than the residence."

If you see any illegal dumping, anywhere in the City of Minneapolis, please write down the license number, a description of the vehicle, person involved in the dumping and the item that was dumped. Report it by dialing 311 and Minneapolis 311 can assist you. If you wish, your call will remain anonymous.

Yard Waste Costs
Yard Waste collection is a special service to our customers only, and is included in your monthly fee. Abuse of this special service may result in additional costs to you, the taxpayer or utility bill payer.

To avoid additional costs, please follow all procedures for disposal of your yard waste. If you are not sure about what type of yard waste is acceptable or how to prepare it for collection, please call Solid Waste & Recycling at (612) 673-2917 and our staff will assist you.

What Happens To My Yard Waste?
The Solid Waste & Recycling Division has a contract with a vendor to accept and process the collected yard waste. The yard waste is then composted.

Composting? Learn more about composting here.

Last updated Sep 9, 2016