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Solid Waste & Recycling

309 2nd Ave S., Room 210
Minneapolis, MN 55401-2281

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Preparing Your Load

Debris must be separated according to the following categories. (Note that construction and paving materials require additional separations.)

NO asbestos, dirt, liquids, railroad ties, yard waste, or hazardous materials, and other items as indicated in Solid Waste & Recycling "What to Do" list. Please call (612) 673-2917 if you are not sure.

These materials must be separated into:

Permitted Vehicles
Cars, trucks, rental trucks (i.e. *U-Haul or Home Depot), as well as trailers are allowed at the South Transfer Station.

* Vehicle Restrictions:

Maximum length of vehicle or vehicle with trailer cannot exceed 25 feet

Maximum vehicle height: 11 feet

No Commercial Trucks. Voucher cannot be used with a commercial hauling vehicle (any vehicle that has a US DOT Registration) including but not limited to: a packer, semi, roll-off, lift or dump truck.

*Rental Trucks: In most cases, a 17 foot rental truck would meet our maximum vehicle size requirements but be sure to check with the rental company for actual bumper to bumper dimensions.

Last updated Mar 20, 2015