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One-Sort Recycling Collection

Plastic bag image for SWR homepagePlastic Bag Recycling at Participating Drop-Off Locations: Clean and dry plastic bags and films (that are stretchy) can be brought to participating grocery and retail stores for recycling. Plastic films include: bread bags, plastic wrap from around cases of water, toilet paper and paper towel, zipper snack and sandwich bags (remove the zipper part). Plastic films that cannot be recycled at participating drop-off locations include: cracker bags, chip bags, and other films that do not stretch or are dirty. No plastic bags or plastic film may not be placed in the One-Sort Recycling cart.

Solid Waste & Recycling completed a citywide educational tag on all customer’s One-Sort recycling carts in October 2015. The goal of the educational tag was to remind residents that plastic bags and film are not accepted in the recycling program. Recycling should be placed loose in One-Sort recycling carts. Plastic bags and film get caught in the gears at the recycling facility resulting in the facility shutting down for several hours a day to remove plastic bags and films from the gears.

Recycling Service:

What can I recycle?  (Español)

2016 Recycling Guide for web

How to Prepare Your Recycling:Recycling - How to Prepare image

One-sort makes recycling easier!  Simply rinse your containers and place all recyclables loose or in paper bags in your one-sort cart.  Do not place plastic bags in your recycling cart.  You may collect your recycling in plastic bags, but you must dump the recyclables out of the plastic bag into the cart and place the plastic bag in the garbage or bring it to a second hand store for reuse or a participating grocery store for recycling.  You may also collect your recycling in a resuable bag and empty the contents into your one-sort cart for collection.  Click here for a PDF version of the recycling guide.

Visit our Acceptable Recyclables webpage to see what all you can recycle.  For more detailed information on paper and contianer recycling, visit the following pages:

Paper Recycling
Food, Beverage & Other Container Recycling

Waste Station LabelsHome container labels:

Label containers in your home so family, friends and guests know how to properly sort their waste.  Stickers are available for your interior recycling, organics recycling, and trash containers located throughout your house. To order stickers to help improve your home collection system, call Solid Waste & Recycling at 612-673-2917 or email your request including the number of each type of stickers you want to


Old Blue and Green Recycling Bins:

Residents were encouraged to keep their curbside recycling bins and reuse them for an alternative purpose such as storing toys or lawncare supplies.  Do not store any bins that you want to keep at your collection point.  Any old bins left at your collection area will be collected by City crews for recycling and cannot be returned.

Educational Tag:

Our crews cannot pick up your recycling if there is a problem with it.  Unacceptable recycling will be marked with a recycling educational tag.  If you find a tag, please read it over to understand what the issue with the recycling is, correct the problem, and place your recycling out on your next recycling day. 

Some reasons why your recycling may not be picked up include:

Collection Time:

Your recycling will be picked up at any time starting at 6 a.m. on your collection day.  You may notice your recycling is collected at about the same time every other week.  Please understand that changes in weather conditions, crew assignments and equipment problems can change your pickup to earlier or later in the day.  Please make sure your recycling is always out by 6 a.m. on your collection day.

Missed Recycling:

If you do not find an educational tag and you believe your recycling was missed, please wait until after 3:30 p.m. on the day of pickup before calling Solid Waste & Recycling at (612) 673-2917. Sorry, but we will not return for recycling if your cart was not out on time.

Holiday Schedule:

When your collection day falls on or after a holiday, recycling collection will be one day later than normal.  See the Holiday Schedule for more information.

Report Misuse of Recycling Service:

Recycling collection is a special service to our paying customers only.  Taking or using another resident's collection point or cart is illegal.  City Ordinance 225.10 states in part: "No person shall leave, throw, or deposit, or use or permit any other person to leave, place, throw, or deposit, any substances or materials of any kind at a city solid waste collection point for city disposal when the substances or materials were generated at a location other than the residence."

If you have any additional questions, please call Solid Waste & Recycling at 612-673-2917 or by emailing

Last updated Apr 5, 2016