Major Development Projects

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Why This Is Important

The City, through its Department of Community Planning and Economic Development, strives to plan and develop a vibrant, sustainable community and promote private sector growth to build a healthy economy. This map displays the significant, current private and public sector projects that illustrate the level of growth and investment across the city.

What's Being Done

The City of Minneapolis works to anticipate, encourage and manage new growth using a variety of planning, marketing and other program efforts. These City policies, plans and programs are designed to focus growth in designated areas, which include major growth centers, commercial and community corridors, activity centers and transit corridors. Adopting a comprehensive plan is the first step toward realizing the City's vision. The City's zoning code, along with other City policies and plans, implements the comprehensive plan by identifying and regulating the City's land uses. Its purpose, in part, is to protect the public health, safety, aesthetics, economic viability and general welfare of the city; to protect the character and stability of residential, commercial and industrial areas within the city; and to promote the orderly and beneficial development of those areas.

About this Measure

This map displays major projects currently under construction in Minneapolis ("major" is defined as projects with estimated construction costs of $1 million or more). The shaded areas reflect selected "future land use" features from the City's comprehensive plan, entitled the Minneapolis Plan for Sustainable Growth. This plan outlines areas where the City is promoting future growth. Overlaying current major projects against future growth areas illustrates the extent to which actual development is aligning with the City's intended growth areas.

Last updated Dec 22, 2011

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