Minneapolis prides itself in its strong commitment to preserving its natural amenities and promoting outdoor recreation activities. City residents and visitors enjoy taking advantage of the nationally recognized park system especially activities such as swimming, boating, biking, fishing and walking along the lake shores and river banks.

The miles of bikeways in Minneapolis are a key measure of how bike-friendly the city is becoming. The data highlight the growth in total number of miles of bike lanes on streets and off-road bike paths.

Downtown Transportation Alternatives
Downtown Minneapolis hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors and employees in a given day. Providing options for getting to and traveling around downtown with other than automobiles helps with traffic and the environment.

Lake Water Quality
Minneapolis is known for its beautiful lakes, rivers and streams. Those waterways serve as important habitats for birds and other wildlife and offer a host of recreational opportunities. This measure monitors all of Minneapolis' major lakes for aesthetics, aquatic plants, water clarity and public health.

The measure of the percentage of the residential solid waste stream that is recycled (tonnage) is important because it indicates the extent to which Minneapolis Solid Waste customers participate in recycling programs, and the percentage of our waste that is recycled into new products instead of being incinerated.

Tree Canopy
In addition to making our City more beautiful, trees provide residents with many environmental, social and economic benefits including improved air and water quality, decreased soil erosion, increased stormwater retention, absorption of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants, higher property values, lower heating and air conditioning costs, more wildlife habitats, and calmer traffic. This measure identifies the number of trees planted by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and the trees lost due to disease and other factors.

Last updated Sep 29, 2011

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