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Air pollution

Air Quality Monitoring

Minneapolis Air Quality Management
Responsible for preventing, controlling, and regulating all sources of air pollution within the City.

Green Business Mathching Grant Program

Noise Pollution
What type of noise is illegal?

Airport Noise Abatement


Brownfields Management Program

Land Permit Applications
To ensure proper tracking and monitoring of environmental impacts.

Lawn Care Tips that Affect Stormwater

Lawn Fertilizer Ordinance (PDF)

Rain Gardens


Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO)
The City has been actively working on sewer separation to prevent CSOs.

Drinking Water Safety

Rain Barrels
Collect water for use in gardens and on lawns and prevent excessive runoff.

Sewers and Storm Drains

Storm and Surface Water Management

Water Treatment & Distribution Services

Reports and Initiatives

Minneapolis GreenPrint Report

Minneapolis Living Well Report

Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability Reports & Publications

City Departments & Committees

Citizens Environmental Advisory Committee (CEAC)

Environmental Coordinating Team (ECT)

Environmental Management

Last updated Dec 13, 2016