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Property Ownership, Notification Address or Contact Person Changes

There are at least four places where property ownership, property taxpayer and property contact information is tracked for use by Regulatory Services and others. Regulatory Services has a protocol for sending property notices that includes the following information sources. To revise this information, please follow these steps:

Rental License

Rental License information is tracked by Regulatory Services. See Rental Property License Information to:

Homestead Information

Homestead information is tracked by the City Assessor's Office. Visit the Assessor's website for information on Applying for Homestead Classification.

Property Tax Information

Taxpayer information is tracked by Hennepin County. To change taxpayer information, contact Hennepin County Taxpayer Services at (612) 348-3011.

Chapter 249/Vacant and Boarded Building Registration (VBR)

Chapter 249/VBR is tracked by Regulatory Services. To update related owner information, see Vacant and Boarded Building Registration.

Last updated Nov 9, 2016