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Downtown Action Plan

2007 Downtown Action Plan

The Downtown Transportation Action Plan was adopted by City Council 6/29/2007.

Final Adopted Downtown Transportation Action Plan (PDF, 11 MB)

Many of the recommendations of the Downtown Action Plan have been implemented, including the 2 nd/Marquette Transit Project Hennepin/1 st Avenue Two-Way Conversion Nicollet Mall Free Ride Service, the conversion of Nicollet Mall buses to 100% hybrid-electric vehicles, and the 13 th Street Pedestrian Gateway Project

Additional supporting plan documentation is available under Project Documents.

Draft 2010 Downtown East-West Transit Spine Plan

The draft Downtown East-West Transit Spine Plan documents the additional evaluation and recommendations for the east-west transit spine through downtown, as directed by City Council in 2007. The draft plan was presented for public review in December 2010 and has not been finalized:

Draft Downtown East-West Transit Spine Plan (PDF, 4 MB)

12/13/2010 Public Open House Presentation (PDF, 4 MB)

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