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350 South 5th Street
RM 203 City Hall
Minneapolis, MN  55415-1390

City of Minneapolis Tree Cell Installation – Marq2 Project

Marquette Ave S between 1st St S and 12th St S, and 2nd Ave S between 1st St S and 12th St S

This 2009 downtown street project included installation of tree cells that will promote healthy, mature trees, and improve stormwater management in the core of the downtown district.

Large trees in urban areas can reduce the urban heat island effect, air pollution, stormwater pollution and flooding, while replenishing oxygen, providing shade, and connecting residents and visitors to a natural environment.

173 trees were installed along a new bus corridor using Silva cells. 10,800 modular cells serve to support the sidewalk. This system creates a void space that holds 10 cubic feet of soil per unit, allowing for existing or future utility pipes, protecting tree roots from compaction, and provides storage for stormwater. The system can temporarily hold large volumes of stormwater that will either be used by the trees (evapotranspiration) or will soak into the ground (infiltration).

This type of system can be used under pavement in other locations, such as parking lots and plazas, to reduce stormwater runoff and promote large healthy trees. 

Installing cell frames, leaving a space for tree planting. Existing and future utility pipes can be threaded through the frames

Filling cells and frames with good quality soil for tree roots

Installing top deck on tree cell frames

After tree are installed. Pervious pavement allows oxygen and rainwater to reach tree roots


Last updated Mar 13, 2013