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Chapter 52: Erosion and Sediment Control for Land-Disturbing Activities

This ordinance regulates everyone who disturbs topsoil and is designed to insure that soil does not leave an excavation site or enter any storm drain system, on either private property or the public right-of-way.

All Minneapolis construction sites disturbing topsoil are subject to erosion control compliance. Sites disturbing more than five cubic yards or 500 square feet of topsoil, including utility excavations and any residential or commercial demolition projects, need an erosion control permit prior to the start of work. Demolition and construction sites great than 5,000 square feet require an approved erosion control plan prior to a permit being issues for the site.

Chapter 52 Ordinance (Erosion and Sediment Control and Drainage)

Standard Erosion Control Notes

Impacts of Erosion and Sediment from Construction Sites

City of Minneapolis Erosion Control Plan Submittal Check List (Chapter 52)

Last updated Jan 23, 2017