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Traffic Count Management System

The City of Minneapolis, Traffic & Parking Services has developed a new format to provide an interactive, web-based transportation management system. This system is currently capable of managing traffic volume and turning vehicle counts, and has the capability to expand into other traffic areas for information sharing.

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The Traffic Count Database System (TCDS) system was selected to help manage the city’s 900 road-tube count stations with more than fifty years of information on record. The second module was the Traffic Signal Management System (TSMS). This module tracks information on 800 traffic signals throughout the City of Minneapolis. The primary information would be five years of vehicular turning-movement data, along with intersection drawings, photos and signal-timing information. Additionally, the site is capable of providing visual details, such as aerial photos, city and neighborhood boundaries, traffic signal locations and other GIS features.

The goal of this site is to enable both citizens and other government agencies to access City of Minneapolis traffic count information in a timely, accurate and easy-to-use website.


Last updated Mar 6, 2015