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Targeted Snow Emergency Routes will be posted “No Parking” to improve traffic safety and flow

Amount of snow City has received this year presents major challenges for public safety, City crews and residents

March 7, 2014 (MINNEAPOLIS) Because of snow and ice buildup along curbs, even some Snow Emergency routes are too narrow for traffic to flow safely. To ensure that all streets are open for emergency vehicles, “No Parking” signs will be posted on some Snow Emergency routes, which is in addition to the Winter Parking rules that are already in affect.

Over the coming days, street crews will address specific areas that are problematic for vehicles to navigate. Residents and business owners may see on their blocks:

·         Postings of one-side or both sides parking restrictions.

·         These would be left in place until conditions warrant their lifting or require more extensive parking restrictions.

These are the Snow Emergency routes that will soon have additional parking restrictions.

·         9th Street South, from 20th to 24th avenues

·         Chicago Avenue, from 26th to 28th streets

·         35th Street South, from Hennepin to Emerson avenues

·         McKinley Street Northeast, from 25th to 29th Avenues

·         Irving Avenue South, from 28th Street to Lagoon Avenue

·         Xerxes Avenue South, from 39th to 50th streets

·         42nd Avenue South, from 34th to 46th streets

·         44th Avenue North, from Fremont to Penn avenues

·         3rd Avenue South, from I94 to 26th Street West

Drivers should look for and follow the “No Parking” signs, and help remind others to do the same. Vehicles parked in a spot posted for “No Parking” may ticketed or towed to the impound lot.

Previously, two snow emergency routes were posted and the “No Parking” restrictions continue on Bryant Avenue from Lake Street to 50th Street and Grand Avenue from Lake Street to 46th Street.

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Published Mar 7, 2014