High snow accumulation prompts limited parking restrictions

Because of snow and ice buildup along curbs, some streets are getting too narrow for fire trucks, ambulances and transit buses to get around effectively. To ensure that all streets are open for emergency vehicles, “No Parking” signs will be posted in some locations. In other areas, crews will work to remove some of the accumulated snow and ice as resources allow.

Over the coming days, street crews will address specific areas that are problematic for larger vehicles to navigate. They will use two different strategies that residents and business owners may see on their blocks:

Drivers should look for for and follow the “No Parking” signs, and help remind others to do the same. Vehicles parked in a spot posted for “No Parking” may ticketed or towed to the impound lot.

At this time, the City is NOT instituting Winter Parking Restrictions, which would prohibit parking on one side of non-Snow Emergency routes throughout the city. If there’s more snow in the coming weeks, it may be necessary to impose Winter Parking Restrictions to help ensure that firefighters, medics and other emergency workers can reach homes and businesses on every street.

Published Feb 4, 2014