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City to pay pedestrian corridor street lighting installation costs

May 24, 2013, 2013 (MINNEAPOLIS) Today, the City Council approved a revision to the City’s street lighting policy that changes the way projects along pedestrian corridors are funded. Now, whenever a street reconstruction project takes place along a designated pedestrian corridor, the installation of pedestrian street lighting will be included and paid for in full by the City of Minneapolis.

Adopted in January 2009, the City’s street lighting policy was created to help Minneapolis build a cohesive citywide lighting system, and to ensure that areas with higher amounts of foot traffic along transit and commercial corridors have improved lighting for safety and security. The policy originally called for property owners along a reconstructed street to pay for the installation of new pedestrian street lighting through assessments. However, since there’s a citywide benefit to improved lighting along pedestrian corridors, City leaders concluded that the cost of street lighting should be borne by the city, not the property owners adjacent to these projects. Now, pedestrian corridor street lighting will be installed as part of a street reconstruction projects and funded through City and other sources.

In addition, property owners along five streets that had pedestrian streetlights installed since the 2009 adoption of the policy will have their assessments cancelled and/or refunded. These streets include Nicollet Avenue South, Riverside Avenue, Lyndale Avenue South, University Avenue SE, and Washington Avenue SE. Two street reconstructions along pedestrian corridors that are taking place this year – one on Penn Avenue South and the other on 46th Street South – and will also have pedestrian corridor street lighting included and paid for by the City.

The revisions to the street lighting policy can be seen at:


Published May 24, 2013