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Results are in on the Hiawatha Avenue traffic signal timing project

WHAT: Council Member Sandy Colvin Roy, chair of the Transportation and Public Works Committee, will have the results of an effort to improve traffic signal timing along Hiawatha Avenue, where the light-rail trains have triggered long delays for drivers who get caught behind red lights. Also, the media will get an up-close look at the new technology being used.

WHEN: 2 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013

WHERE: The southwest corner of Hiawatha Avenue and East 42nd Street

MORE: Until recently, many drivers faced long delays at red lights along Hiawatha Avenue due to light-rail train traffic. Whenever vehicles needed to stop to let the trains pass through, traffic signals would reset. This had many drivers waiting several minutes before getting green lights.

New traffic signal management systems that were not available when light-rail trains began service in 2004 are now in place along Hiawatha Avenue. This technology takes into consideration driver wait times whenever light-rail trains come through. Once the trains pass by, vehicles that have waited the longest behind red lights will get green lights sooner.



Published Feb 5, 2013