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City crews working to repair downtown parking pay stations

Feb. 5, 2013 (MINNEAPOLIS) Crews are working to fix dozens of on-street parking pay stations that have gone out of service in Minneapolis. The affected area includes most of the downtown core: an area bounded by Hennepin Avenue in the west to 5th Avenue South in the east. Also affected are pay stations on either side of Hennepin Avenue around Loring Park.

The problem began overnight, following a software update to the parking meter system. A total of 138 pay stations are affected. These machines are now displaying a message that says “loading parameter” and will not accept any payments.

While City staff are working to fix the problem, drivers who park at the spaces by pay stations that are not currently working can remain in those spots for free until 2 p.m. However, folks should check their meters at 2 p.m. to see if they are working. If the system is working at that time, drivers will need to pay their meters. If the meters are still not working at that time, drivers can remain in their parking spaces free of charge until 4 p.m., but will need to check back again at that time.

The City will provide updates on the parking meter repairs via Facebook and Twitter, on our website, and via the media.


Published Feb 5, 2013