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Having a backyard fire? Follow the law and be considerate of your neighbors

May 11, 2012 (MINNEAPOLIS) The month of May got off to a rainy start, but there’s finally a weekend forecast that will get many people outside. If your outdoor activities involve a small recreational fire, make sure to keep these City ordinances in mind to keep Minneapolis safe and livable:

Illegal burning can result in a $200 fine.

To report an illegal or unsafe fire, call 911.

For more information about recreational fires from the Minneapolis Fire Department. For the Minneapolis law on recreational fires, visit the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances, Chapter 178.

Be a good neighbor

When you’re planning to have a recreational fire, these simple suggestions could help make sure you’re being a considerate neighbor:

The Fire and Police departments are authorized to extinguish the fire immediately if it is hazardous or unsafe. For more information on recreational fires or to register a complaint about a recreational fire, call 311 or email

For more information see Minneapolis air quality.

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Last updated Apr 16, 2014