Help Minneapolis drop-outs finish credits and get diplomas

Minneapolis Public Schools, the Youth Coordinating Board and the City of Minneapolis have joined forces to launch We Want You Back

Saturday, September 11 is a citywide door-knocking event to reach school dropouts and send them a clear message: We Want You Back.

Hundreds of volunteers are needed to door-knock. Visit to learn more, sign up and help out. Everyone will need a (free) background check before visiting with young people and it takes a little time to do the background checks.

On Saturday, Sept. 11, teams of community and school district volunteers will fan out across the city to connect young people with resources, support and information. Minneapolis Public Schools staff will re-enroll students on the spot . Volunteer training will be held one hour before morning and afternoon door-knocking.

Questions? Contact Jo Haberman, Youth Coordinating Board, 673-2720 or

Published Aug 31, 2010