Workshops focus on promoting use of locally grown food

To help encourage the use of locally grown food, the City of Minneapolis is holding workshops for businesses, community leaders and others looking to expand urban agriculture here in town.

There are many benefits to using locally grown food. Local produce tends to be fresher and more nutritious because it doesn’t sit on trucks losing nutrients. Food grown in our area also reduces fuel use and pollution from transporting food across the country or across the world. In addition, buying from local growers keeps the money you spend closer to home – which is better for our local economy – and you invest more in the food itself and less in moving the food.

Business Development and Financing Opportunities
for Urban Agriculture and Local Food Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, July 13
5-8 p.m.
Midtown Global Market

Workshop topics include business planning, funding local food businesses and marketing locally produced products.

For more information on this event, contact Kelly Wilder at or 612-963-2889.

Published Jul 9, 2010