Minneapolis ranks as one of nation’s top time-saving cities

Living in Minneapolis can be surprisingly easy! This according to a survey in 21 Top Time-Saving Cities in America survey that looked at data on dozens of large American cities to see which ones offered their residents convenient, time-saving services.

Rankings were based on scores received in the following categories: getting around, health and safety, information and technology, green time-savers and lifestyle. Minneapolis received high marks for its farmers markets, bike accessibility, access to shopping, entertainment, and for having one of the highest numbers of community gardens per capita. The City of Minneapolis was recognized for using social media for alerting and communicating with residents and for its citywide wireless network.

Seattle (with a time saving score of 22.5), Portland, Ore. (21.5), San Francisco (21), and Boston (20) placed ahead of Minneapolis in the Real Simple magazine survey. The survey was conducted using data from a number of sources including the U.S. Census, 2006-2008 Community Survey, WalkScore, American Medical Association, Bureau of Transportation Statistics among other sources.

Published Mar 15, 2010