Make sure your contractor or tree company is licensed

Minneapolis Regulatory Services officials are advising property owners who experienced property damage from the storm on Wednesday, Aug. 19, to hire only licensed tree service companies and building contractors. The City and state make it easy for you to find out if a company has the proper licenses.

Tree contractors - It’s important to make sure the tree company you use is licensed, because unlicensed companies may not be insured for damage they might cause to your property, and their workers may not be trained properly to protect themselves and your property from damage. Here are some things residents should know when choosing a tree company:

Building contractors - Anyone performing remodeling, repairs, roofing, and other similar work on residential dwellings must be licensed. Licensed construction professionals are insured and bonded, and obtain building permits which allow inspections of the work performed to ensure that it is done correctly. The State of Minnesota provides a list of State Licensed building contractors.

August 20, 2009

Published Aug 20, 2009