Transition to Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9 continues

City computer users are continuing to transition to the Windows 7 operating system. The City is moving to Windows 7 because Windows XP, our current operating system, won’t be supported after April 2014.

Once the transition to Windows 7 is made, City computer users should not see any difference in how they use individual applications such as Word or Excel. The change will be more evident in the look and feel of your desktop, and how you locate your web browser, My Computer or other programs.

Transition timeline

The transition will be handled over the course of the next eight months. The next offices tentatively scheduled for the installation of the new system are:

Oct. 18

Oct. 22 & 24

Oct. 29

Nov. 1

Once these work groups receive the upgrade, Information Technology (IT) staff will begin upgrading computers in other work groups until all City computers have the new operating system. The transition schedule is posted on the Information Technology website.

Preparing for the change

Before the upgrade, computer users will receive a notice from Information Technology detailing the transition and asking them to:

The switch to Windows 7 also means a change to Internet Explorer 9. The Training and Development website also features a video on getting started with Internet Explorer 9 and an article about Internet Explorer 9 keyboard shortcuts.

Published Oct 16, 2013