Today’s tip – Use the City’s writing style manual to make your writing more professional

Do I write website or web site? Which is correct: p.m. or P.M.? When do you capitalize City? The answers to these and other writing questions are in the City’s writing style manual.

Why follow the manual?

Following the guidelines in the manual will ensure your finished document uses words, numbers and punctuation correctly and consistently. Clear, professional writing is more credible and helps readers understand what they need to know.

About the manual

The City of Minneapolis writing style manual is a quick reference guide for City employees to use with all written materials: website, status reports, internal memos, business letters, newsletters, brochures, ads, signs, text in videos, etc.

In most instances, style manual guidelines are based on The Associated Press Stylebook.

The manual is located on CityTalk under Departments > Communications > Resources. Since the manual is electronic, it is searchable. Once you’re on the style manual page, just press CTRL+F and type the word.

Additional resources

When in doubt about a City of Minneapolis style rule, refer to Webster's New World College Dictionary or call the Communications Department at 673-2009.

Published Sep 18, 2013