Three electric car charging stations located in Haaf parking ramp

If you or someone you know has an electric car, don’t forget that the Jerry Haaf Memorial Ramp now has three solar-powered charging stations. Although standard ramp parking rates apply, there is no extra cost to use the charging station.

Located at 424 Fourth St. S., the ramp is available to the public and open 24 hours a day. The charging stations are near the ramp’s exit booth. Drivers can just pull up and plug in. The charging stations are available first-come, first-served.

The charging stations are part of the ChargePoint network, which includes an interactive map to find available charging stations across the country online or with smartphone applications. Users access the charging station with a card from ChargePoint, with a smart (contact-free) credit card or by calling the number displayed on the charging station. Electric car drivers can find out where to charge up when they’re out and about at

Electric cars typically look the same as internal combustion engine cars, so unless they have special markings, the only way to recognize one is by seeing it plugged in or noticing that there is no tailpipe. Electric cars are quiet, reduce dependence on foreign oil, have fewer moving parts than gasoline cars and typically cost about 2 to 3 cents per mile for their electricity.

A grant from the Minnesota Department of Commerce Division of Energy Resources paid for the three charging stations.


Published Sep 12, 2012