Political party caucuses are Tuesday, Feb. 7    

Minnesota’s political parties will hold precinct caucuses Tuesday, Feb. 7 beginning at 7 p.m.

Precinct caucuses are the first step in the process each political party takes to select candidates for the upcoming election and determine policy positions that shape the party platform. People who participant in a precinct caucus will indicate their preference for their party’s presidential candidate, propose resolutions for their party’s platform and elect delegates to their local political conventions. Candidates or elected officials often tour different caucuses to speak to constituents.

Finding your caucus location

Anyone who will be eligible to vote in the 2012 general election can attend a political party caucus in their voting precinct. For more information about the caucus process or how to locate your precinct caucus location, visit the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website.

Reminder about meetings on caucus night

Minnesota law prohibits city councils, school boards, county boards, township boards, State agencies and commissions as well as the University of Minnesota and State from conducting a meeting after 6 p.m. on the day of a major political party precinct caucus.

Published Feb 1, 2012