Minneapolis collection event Thursday-Saturday for household hazardous products

Minneapolis residents cleaning out their basements or reclaiming their garages can safely get rid of household hazardous materials at two remaining collection events this summer. From paint, aerosol cans and pesticides to batteries and items containing mercury (for instance, thermostats and fluorescent bulbs), a lot of everyday products used at home cannot go in the trash. Hazardous wastes can harm humans and wildlife and pollute our air and water.

The two upcoming collection events convenient for Minneapolis residents are:

Hennepin County's website has details and a list of materials accepted at the collection events.

At any time of year, Hennepin County residents can take similar items to Hennepin County facilities.

Hennepin County organizes collection events in cooperation with Minneapolis Solid Waste & Recycling throughout the year to give residents more convenient, local disposal options for their household hazardous wastes. Visit the City's website for information on how City of Minneapolis recycling customers can safely dispose of all everyday items.

Published Jul 23, 2012